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✅ Gain confidence using DermPath in your clinic 

✅ Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls & improve patient care 

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✅ Created by Dermatopathologists and Derm NPs & PAs


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* The purpose of this CME is to make participants better consumers of dermatopathology, not to become dermatopathologists. 


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If you do skin biopsies, this course is for you. 

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A self-guided course, so you can learn at your own pace and revisit different concepts.

 A step-by-step guide on what you should know if you're practicing Dermatology.

Individual video modules teach the "Do's & Don'ts" of doing a biopsy in clinic.

Understand all the basics -- from your biopsy to the pathology report.

 Common biopsy pitfalls explained, including with rashes, nevi, and alopecia.

Feel confident you're getting the most from your biopsy & pathology report.

Course Overview

Course Faculty

  • Maria Robinson, MD, MBA
  • Tammie Ferringer, MD
  • Lynne J. Goldberg, MD
  • Whitney A High, MD, JD, MEng
  • Randie Kim, MD, PhD

Module 1: DermPath Fundamentals

Dr. Maria Robinson reviews the "must-know" basics of doing skin biopsies, including:

  • Basic skin histology explained
  • Overview of specimen grossing & sectioning
  • Special stains & when they're used
  • The Biopsy Report: Get the most out of it

Module 2: Biopsy Techniques for Clinic

Learn how to avoid common pitfalls with high-yield biopsy tips from Dr. Maria Robinson:

  • General biopsy tips
  • Refine your biopsy technique based on your differential 
  • Tips to biopsy deep skin infection
  • Common mistakes that may influence your results

Module 3: Optimizing the Results of Your Skin Biopsy

Dr. Tammie Ferringer gives high-yield tips to get the most from your biopsy, including: 

  • Where to biopsy & factors to consider
  • Specimen pitfalls to avoid
  • The Biopsy Report: "The More you give, the more you get" - Learn what to include
  • Case Studies: Highlight dermpath pearls

Module 4: From Bedside to Bench (Microscope)

Dr. Randie Kim discusses Dermatopathology as a central component of the clinical encounter:

  • How to biopsy ulcers, blisters & less common conditions
  • Interpreting the language on your report
  • Establishing a relationship with your Dermatopathologist 
  • Margins on reports: What they mean & how they guide proper treatment

Module 5: Melanocytic Lesions

Dr. Whitney High gives an in-depth review on biopsies of nevi, melanoma, and more:

  • Grading nevi: "All are not equal"
  • Special stains: How they aid in diagnosis
  • Old and new ancillary diagnostic tests (like PRAME & GEP)¬†
  • Case Studies: Pitfalls to avoid when it comes to the nevus biopsy

Module 6: Disorders of Hair Loss

Dr. Lynne Goldberg discusses how to maximize your alopecia biopsy:

  • Where & how to biopsy for alopecia
  • Clinical tips to make the biopsy process easier
  • Decoding the language on your alopecia report
  • Case Studies: Highlight common errors with alopecia biopsies

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Course Reviews

Debbie S. - PA, Dermatology

"The course offered a basic understanding of what happens to the tissue sample once it's been biopsied and many suggestions on proper technique to allow for the best reading by a pathologist...I don't think I've had someone ever explain it so clearly during lectures/conferences...It was really well organized and well taught."

Aaron S. - PA, Primary Care

"If you are a primary care, urgent care, or dermatology advanced practice provider who performs skin biopsies, then this is the course for you! You will learn best practices for skin biopsies from dermatopathologists and reinforce your learning via embedded case studies. I was immediately able to translate what I learned to clinical practice."

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